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>> a lot of smoak. >> reporter: how long have you lived here? >> only six months. >> reporter: fire crews will remain here overnight as the fire marshall's office tries to figure out how this massive blaze began. that fire forced 11eople out of their homes. the red cross is helping them to find places to stay. it is now 4:30. we'll take a look at our weather now. meteorologist tom kierein joins us now. >> a little fog i the rural areas. one last day of summer in autumn. much cooler weather on the way for the weekend. it is mild and muggy. near 70 in the suburbs and rural areas. look at the latest visibility. down to a quarter mile in a few locations in montgomery, prince
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gorge's county, washington near the city. watch out for patchy dense fog. western maryland, west virginia, it's in the 50s. in the 60s on the eastern shore. the view from spaceover the last 12 hours showing a w, high clouds from the north. they will be with us from time to time. otherwise, lots of sunshine. low to mid-90s. record high, 94. we may tie or exceed the record this afternoon. then the cooler weather comes in on a fresh northwesterly breeze. highs reaching the low to mid-s. even cooler on sunday with increasing clouds. could get showers passing by late saturday afternoon, saturday evening. let's check traffic. ashley, how is it looking? >> 270, no problems two report there. heaights at a healthy rate of speed. springfield de, no problems to report on 95 as you leave
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frederic fredericksbu fredericburg. lanes are open. eun and joe, back to you. >> thank you. you may be able to breathe a little easier the next time you take metro. debbie says the transit agency made major progress since last june's deadly crash. megan mcgrath has more on the story. megan, goodorning to you. >> as you can remember, there was a deadly crash on the red line. nine people were killed in that crash and metro came unde fire. and criticism for some of the safety matters that it was failing to take. since then metro has met with several officials.
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again, ntsb chaeps chair or spokesperson says some of the improvements have been made. well, you may want to plan to take extra time if you're taking metro this weekend. half-hour delays on the orange, blue, yellow and green. trains on the orange will be single tracking between vienna and west falls. blue, pentagon city and braddock road. and blue line delays between the fran cone ya springfield and largo town center stations. green line, add 20 minutes. if you're traveling between branch a mailer road stations. well, for the first time in almost 100 years, virginia has put a woman to death. 41-year-olderesa lewis was convicted in 2002 of hiring the two men who killed her husband and stepson in an elaborate scam to collect insurance money.
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>> death was pro announced 9:13 p.m. there were no complications. ms. lewis did make a last statement. she said i just want cathy to know i love her and i'm very sorry. >> the cathy she referred to is the daughter of lewis's husband. the lawyers for teresa lewis says she was borderline mentally disabled. more than 7300 appeals were made to stop that execution. this morning chancellor michelle rhee's future is still not clear. she and d.c. mayor vincent gray met yesterday. both acknowledged their strong differences on education reform. there have been reports that arne duncan wants her to stay i the district. gray, though, is giving few clues about his plans. >> we talk about the state of
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education in the city. and i think we'll just leave it there. >> gray says he and rhee will meet sometime before november's general elections. the commander of the bp oil spl will be in the district. thad allen will return to his alma matter. his topic is unprecedented events, unprecedted leadership challenges. allen will teach at g.w. in the spring. now to the latest on the bp oil spill. it's been a month since a new administrator took over the $20 billion compensation fund. pay czar ken feinberg's office has paid out almost $350 million for 26,000 claims. some people are still upset they have not received a check or not enough money, they say. feinberg say most still waiting for money have not provided enough documentation. he also sys if anyone can show lost income will be fully
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compensated. former husband of elizabeth taylor eddie fisher has dimptd he sold millions of rords in the '50s with songs like thinking of you, any ti, and count your blessings. according to the ap, his daughter trisha says he died due complications from hip surgery. he was 82 years old. >> carrie fisher, i believe, is his dauger sdm his daughter. >> that's what i thought. our time 4:36. this morning, some surprising new information about the alleged 17-year-old gang member charged with the murder of a catholic university student. what caused a delegation to walk out a speaker at the united nations. >>the heat is on today. tom is talking about possible
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our time right now 4:39. 79 degrees in the nation's capital. nice little moon because of all th humidity. >> you could feel it this morning. >> feels like mid summer morning. patchy dense fog in the rural areas. watch out for that. around our region it is mild, muggy. 74 in washington. low 70s righ near t bay. elsewhere, we're inhe upper 60s to mid-60s in prince
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george's count arlg a ton, fairfax, montgomery, upper 60s. these are the visibilities in miles. and it's down to 3/4 in frederick with light fog. denser fog in prince george's county. watch out for some patchy dense ground fog this morning. it should be burni off by mid morning. mostly sunny day to follow. it will be hot by midafternoon soaring into the mid-90s for a few hours. record high, 94. we may meet or exceed the record for the date. saturday, cooler weatr coming in. a front coming in. a dry passage will shift wind north and west. cool air will take a while to arrive. much cooler air moves in saturday night, sunday morning. sunday morning, only in the 50s. increasing clouds. ght get a passing shower late sunday arch, sunday evening. showers likely monday.
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a look into next week in ten minutes. ashley, how is our traffic? >> good morning. no big surprises this morning. 270. those headlights are leaving the area heading down towards the beltway. coming in from 66, you have that fog. hea from 81. the pace improves and the visibility improves as well. toll road, greenway, route 7, no problems to report. airport here looks lovely. eun and joe, back to you. thanks very much, ashley. still to come, why the american woman just released from iranian prison wants to meet wi the controversial leader. the preppy burglar is trading in his tie for an orange jump suit. and an agency is n in the spotlight after the murder of a cholic
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4:44. some of the morning's t stories. the first woman executed in the united states in nearly a century wasut to death in virginia. 41-year-old teresa lewis hired two men to killer husband and stepson to collect insurance money. metro is getting high marks. metro is much safer than it was a year ago. she told a congressional oversight committee that the transit agency has begun work on a dozen of the ntsb recommendation that came in the wake of 2009's deadly crash. several families are displaced after this devastating fire in virginia. the fire destroyed the homes. tillut loop in manassas. one resident had a minor burn to the hand. red cross was brought in to help. we know the names of a
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mother and h two young songs that were killed. firefighters identified the victim at 24-year-old as ali app der son and her sons, solomon d 3-year-old alfonso. three other children and an adult escaped. they're recovering and are expected to survive. a 17-year-old is waking up behind bars accused in the murder of a catholic university student. police say t teen killed him as he rode his bike home in sherman circe. the teen suspect was under the d.c. juvenile justice system. >> reporter: 17-yeaold eric berman charged as an adult with the murder of catholic university student kneel geleskie. he was riding his bike august 22nd when he was gunned down. >> this is a young man working,
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going to school and trying to make an honest living, trying t get home from work and was shot and killed for what appeared to be absolutely no reason. >> he was under the department of youth rebillation services and was living ina grp home. >> i have reaed out to say if you have any of the group homes we want to know that they are being managed correctly and that the management knows where the children are. >> he was riding his bike at 12: in the morning when foreman decided he wanted to go pull a move. he shot him in the chest at close range. the robbery netted $60 in cash. >> he's the type person he didn't bother anybody.
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he was good-hearted. it's a shame how it happen like that. i' glad they caught the person. >> authorities are now trying to figure out how he was able to allegedly commit murder while under supervision. >> if it's the case that he's a violent kid who has been involved in other crimes, is it appropriate for a young person like that to be in the community at all. darcy spencer, news 4 today. the gun used was al used in a shooting earlier that day. another teenager has been arrested in cnection withhat shooting. a memorial is held saturday at catholic university in the st. vincent depaul chapel at 4:00 p.m. all are invited to attend. the preppy burglar is turning in his shirt and tie for an orange jump suit. police received a tip from someone who recognized him on
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tv. the 30-year-old is facing charges of burglary, theft and destruction of property. he broke into a home and stole electronics and otherproperty. poli police don't know if he was involved in other cases. a u.s. delegation walked out when iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad said many people in the u.s. government were responsible for the 9/11 attacks. earlier, president barack oba urged world leaders to move ahead for the quest in the middle east. the president said if everyone worked together they could welcome a new member we can have an agreement that will have an independent, sovereign state of palestine living in peace with israel. >> he plans to visit india and indonesia in november. the american hiker released from
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an iranian prin wants to meet with mac municil am dean january. shara showered wants him to know she has no animosity toward him or the people. she was released for humanitarian rsons. you can see the full interview at 7:00 this morning right here on nbc 4 after news 4 today. lindsay lohan is back in ko court today and could be heading back to jail after testing positive for cocaine at a random drug test two weeks ago and failing a second random test which showed amphetamines. the 24-year-old actress could face up to 30 years in jail. it is now 4:50. and tom is here with a look at our forecast. it's been hot lately.
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could take on the calendar. i think the end of september. feels like the middle of july. we're starting off with a mild and ggy pattern that has permeated much of the region overnight. we have had a persistent southerly flow. it's in place on this friday morning. there's the washington monument shrouded in light fog. so far we're counting up the number of 90 degree days. all-tme record, 67 set in 1980. we are close to 90-degree days. we will probably make 66 in montgomery county. denser fog where visibility is wn to quarter mile. and scattered areas in the rural region, fog reduced down to half
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a mile. watch out for that. right now western maryland, many locations in the 50s. tidewater, upper 60s. high clouds drifting over the fog. that will be with us fromime to time throughout the day. we have tropical storm lisa. not going to be threatening anything. central atlanta is its track. a new tropical storm matthew yesterday. matthew ting a track toward central america, take a turn and head up to the gulf. probably remain minimal hurricane before it does make landfall. some of that moisture may make its way up here into the first part of next week. so changes on the way. but one more hot day and steamy morning. ought to dry out this afternoon. record 94 backn 1970. sunrise, 6:58. sunset, 7:02. tonight, mostly clear.
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down into the upper 60s at dawn. just a few clouds. northwest winds should cool it down. sunday, we should see moisture awe the atlantic coming our way. clouds rolling in. maybe a shower saturday afternoon and evening. some of that tropical moisture out of the gulf may come in tuesday or wedneay. highs in the 70s. needed rain after that drying up. ashley, how is the traffic? >> good morning. well, this early morning we have wrapped up road construction. substantial work night after night particularly in the tyson's area. taking a peekt the capital beltway. those headlights continue towards 270 at the posted speed limit. no problems to report bethesda to silver spring. be careful out there. if you're traveling along395, no big problems this early morning. you lead the 95 interchange many
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tail lights continuing into town at the posted speed limit. no big problems. eun and joe, back to you. >> all right. ashley, thank you. don't be late if you a taking vre to work. otherwise, you could be left behind. he's urging operators to leave stations on time even if they see riders running to catch the train. you should be there 5 or 10 minutes before your scheduled time. vre is trying to improve its record. those numbers have since improved drastically. well, it was a good run. after 231 years, one of thomas edison's most famous inventions is coming toan end. g.e. shut down, yes, turned out the lights at the last incandescent light bulb factory in the united stes. the shutdown of the virginia plant is part of theederal government's plan to switch to more energy-efficient bulbs by
4:54 am
2014. it's not just the end of that bulb. just means 200 people are now out of a job. the plant saw production fall from a billion light plbulbs a year to just over 300,000. >> you know that the end is going to come. but when it does come it's a bitter pill to swallow sdm i'm taking a job paying half what i was making. >> i have to make a job $20 to $22 to pay our pills and keep our home. >> one employee said h couldn't think of any other piece of technology that lasted more than a century and remained viable. end of an era. 4:54. 72 degrees. coming up, startling numbers released about hiv and aids in america. >> why the federal government wants you to hand over what you have in your medicine cabinets. >> observant drivers costing one
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town money from road side speed cameras. >> no laughing matter. why congress is [ male announcer ] antiques can be nice.
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comedian stephen colbert will be on capitol hill today and it won't be a laughing matter. he is set to testify a house committee hearing on farm workers who are illegal immigrants. he has spoken to the united farm workers take our jobs campaign on his show.
4:58 am
hepent a day last month picking vegables on a farm in new york. colbert will be making more of a high-profile visit next month when he and jon stewart will hold dualing rallies on the national mall. speed cameras have worked so well ticket revenue is down $2.5 million. chevy chase village has nine speed cameras mostlyn connecticut avenue. you can see drivers hit the breaks when they see the 30-mile-per-hour enforcement signs. and some have learned the hard way. >> big brother is taking a picture and sending you a bill in the mail. >>ave you ever gotten one of those pictures in the mail? >> oh, yeah. absolutely. >> police issued 50,000 fewer speeding tickets last year. they say more people are following the speed limit. we have sobering statistics about the aids epidic in
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america. a knew study und one in five sexually active gay and bisell men were infected. overall, researchers say less than one half of 1% of americans have the aids virus. the whe house unveiled a new national aids strategy over the summer. tomorrow the dea wants you to take a few minutes to clean out your medicine cabinets. there are more than 4,000 sites where you can drop off expired, unused or unwanted prescription drugs. there are plenty around the district. go to stay with us. news 4 continues at 5:00 a.m.

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